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This blog explain your personal experience. Talk about some of your highs and lows of this semester. Also include some goals for the end of this semester and next semester. Don’t forget to include some lessons learned this during the last few months. Topics can come from not only class topics but things learned outside of class as well.


Sex in advertising & the media Question: Through numerous TV, radio, and print advertisements, individuals are reminded on a daily basis that “sex sells”. For example, an advertisement by the Italian coffee company ,Lavazza, features a woman and a man in intimate positions and surrounded by a sea of coffee beans . How far is too far when it comes to sexual ideals in advertising?


Coffee Ad

For as long as ideas have been a fundamental aspect of human cultural society, (that is, always) experiencing them has been inextricably intertwined with enjoying them.  For this reason, many people seem to claim ideas as their own.  It has become an evolutionary concept that is fascinating.  However, while fascinating, it is also internally perceived as wrong.  It has to do with the feelings that a person feels when an original idea is taken from him or her.  So, since literally forever it has been perceived as wrong to commit an act that is now called plagiarism.  Frankly, since ideas are fairly commonplace, plagiarism happens regularly without any knowledge of having done it.  But if it is known that a person has plagiarized, I believe that they should be spoken with, and on a college campus, they might earn no points for that assignment, at most.  As everyone else has said, either knowingly or not, everyone has cheated at some point.  Why condemn a person for acting as he or she is: a person?  With that said, yes it should be moderated.  Instincts exist, but that does not an excuse make.  But simply speaking to them as I said before should be simple enough to understand what has to be done, if anything.

Plagiarism of another source used to benefit your own academic achievement is cheating, and it is wrong to do so. However, I think the punishment for plagiarism should be based upon the intention of the student. For example, there have been times where I simply forgot to cite a quote that I used from a book in my essay. The teacher noticed the lack of citation, but he did not turn me in to the honor council because he knew that I had just made an error, although it would have been defined as plagiarism. Therefore, I do not think that this form should be punished. However, I think that if the student intentionally does not cite a source, does not put quotations around a direct sentence from a source and uses it as his own sentence, directly copies and pastes, or writes something word-for-word that a friend or family member said and uses it as his own, all of these are acts of plagiarizing and should be punished accordingly. For the first offense, I think that the teacher should make the student re-write the essay, and take at least one letter grade off to begin with. For any further offenses, the student should receive a zero for the assignment, with no exceptions.

we’re in class

Every person has probably cheated at least once in their lifetime in some way or the other. I can guarantee that. There is no use in denying it becasue when you cheat, the only person you’re actually cheating is yourself. So why do it in the first place? To make yourself feel better? The only thing that its going to make you feel is guilt.  I understand that when you cheat during a test, its a whole different situation. But copying someone else’s work that they have put so much effort in to and making it your own? Thats just wrong. At least give the person a little credit. Although I agree that plaigiarism is wrong, the whole process of citing your works and where you got them can be tiring and sometimes even annoying. However, expelling or suspending a student just because he/she copied someone else’s work is unjust. That is a little bit too serious for such a small offence. There are other situations that require such actions but have not implemented them. If those situations don’t have such severe punishments for offences, then neither should plaigiarizing. If students had to be punished in any case, then resorting to failing the student in that particular subject by the professor would do just fine. After all, we are students, and students do make mistakes. And they can also learn from those mistakes without being punished.

Sure, plagiarism is an issue. Students everywhere plagiarize because they’re lazy. It’s so easy to copy and paste the information that you need straight into your paper or presentation. No one wants to go to the trouble to summarize, re-word, cite, or anything of the sort. I’m not going to lie: I have plagiarized in an effort to hasten my workload before. On assignments that teachers don’t take seriously, it is especially tempting. However, I think that school systems make a larger deal over plagiarism than necessary. I do think it is unfair to the actual author of the work if you are using their ideas and not giving them credit for them. But, in the long run, what’s the big deal? For most school assignments, no one even really cares what you have to say. You write papers because you’re told to, and teachers read them because they have to, not because they are interested. It’s their job. So, in my opinion, plagiarism shouldn’t be as severely punished as it currently is. Perhaps the student should receive a failing grade for the assignment, but I don’t think any further punishment is necessary. And I certainly don’t think the student should be suspended or expelled. That’s just ridiculous.

Question: Plagiarism is the act of committing fraud by acknowledging someone else’s ideas as your own, or by not giving an existing source credit for an original idea.  According to a study by The Center for Academic Integrity, nearly 80% of college students confess to cheating at least once. What do you think is the proper punishment for a student who gets caught cheating or plagiarizing information?