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Sure, plagiarism is an issue. Students everywhere plagiarize because they’re lazy. It’s so easy to copy and paste the information that you need straight into your paper or presentation. No one wants to go to the trouble to summarize, re-word, cite, or anything of the sort. I’m not going to lie: I have plagiarized in an effort to hasten my workload before. On assignments that teachers don’t take seriously, it is especially tempting. However, I think that school systems make a larger deal over plagiarism than necessary. I do think it is unfair to the actual author of the work if you are using their ideas and not giving them credit for them. But, in the long run, what’s the big deal? For most school assignments, no one even really cares what you have to say. You write papers because you’re told to, and teachers read them because they have to, not because they are interested. It’s their job. So, in my opinion, plagiarism shouldn’t be as severely punished as it currently is. Perhaps the student should receive a failing grade for the assignment, but I don’t think any further punishment is necessary. And I certainly don’t think the student should be suspended or expelled. That’s just ridiculous.



  1. I would have to say that I agree with Sheldby’s point of view. Everyone knows that plagiarism is a serious offence, but there is no need to enforce such a serious punishment. And it is probably true that teachers arent really inerested in what you have to say. They just wake us write papers so that they have something to read and grade. Expulsion is just taking it too far in my opinion.

  2. I agree that most people plagiarize because they are lazy and do not care enough to take the time to do either own work. However I do not care how stupid the assignment seems or whether you think the teacher is really going to read it or not, you should have enough pride in yourself to do a good job on your work. You never know when a teacher is going to change their mind and grade a paper strictly. I had a teacher in high school that we never thought read our papers, so a lot of people would just write a bunch of crap down and copy straight off websites. One day she decided to actually grade and read them and over half the class failed because they did not take pride in their work. Several of the students that copied information straight from websites got into serious trouble with our principal.

  3. Yes, we write papers because we are told to, and teachers assign them because they have to give grades. But I think the whole purpose of having punishment is to build the integrity of the student. The student needs to have more self-confidence and self-esteem to write something in his own words. If a student doesn’t take his work seriously or constantly plagiarizes, then who is to say that student won’t do the same thing in the workplace? Who is to say that he will quit taking credit for work that is not his as soon as he gets out of college? Therefore, I think punishment is necessary and beneficial to the student. And if the student consistently plagiarizes, I think severe punishment may need to happen. If a student plagiarizes and sees that there are no real consequences, then plagiarizing will form into a habit for him. As we all know, habits are very hard to break, even when environments change.

  4. Plagarism is absolutly a serious offense when a student attempts to pass of another person’s work as their own, but it has recently been taken to far in my opinion. A student who knowingly plagarizes a large amount of work deserves full punishment, but someone who forgot to cite a source correctly isn’t trying to plagarize, but rather just made an honest mistake that needs to be corrected by the professors grading and not by disiplinary action.

  5. I somewhat agree with this argument presented but then again I don’t. I believe and know that honest mistakes happen. But I also know that some people will take advantage of a system that deals with the issue to lightly. think that if a student is a repeat offender or if someone has shown blantant disregard for propriety and copy pasted something then maybe expulsion should be considered. Otherwise suspension or lower grades should be enough to discourage people from plagiarizing.

  6. I agree that the punishment for plagarism has been taken to an extreme. It is a serious issue when, like John said, a student actually attempts to recieve credit for another person’s work, but this is a rare offense. Usually the problem really is the simple fact that the student doesn’t know how to properly cite information, and a student shouldn’t be punished so severely. It is, however, the student’s responsibility to learn how to give proper credit to an idividual when borrowing their ideas, so there definitely should be some sort of punishment involved. I do think that there should be different levels of punishment for the different cases involved. A student who just cited incorrectly should be required to learn the proper way to cite, and it could be up to the professor to decide what the student could do. If a student does, however, knowingly steal another person’s work, then a more severe form of punishment should be considered, and that student’s work should be graded as a zero.

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