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Every person has probably cheated at least once in their lifetime in some way or the other. I can guarantee that. There is no use in denying it becasue when you cheat, the only person you’re actually cheating is yourself. So why do it in the first place? To make yourself feel better? The only thing that its going to make you feel is guilt.  I understand that when you cheat during a test, its a whole different situation. But copying someone else’s work that they have put so much effort in to and making it your own? Thats just wrong. At least give the person a little credit. Although I agree that plaigiarism is wrong, the whole process of citing your works and where you got them can be tiring and sometimes even annoying. However, expelling or suspending a student just because he/she copied someone else’s work is unjust. That is a little bit too serious for such a small offence. There are other situations that require such actions but have not implemented them. If those situations don’t have such severe punishments for offences, then neither should plaigiarizing. If students had to be punished in any case, then resorting to failing the student in that particular subject by the professor would do just fine. After all, we are students, and students do make mistakes. And they can also learn from those mistakes without being punished.


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