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Plagiarism of another source used to benefit your own academic achievement is cheating, and it is wrong to do so. However, I think the punishment for plagiarism should be based upon the intention of the student. For example, there have been times where I simply forgot to cite a quote that I used from a book in my essay. The teacher noticed the lack of citation, but he did not turn me in to the honor council because he knew that I had just made an error, although it would have been defined as plagiarism. Therefore, I do not think that this form should be punished. However, I think that if the student intentionally does not cite a source, does not put quotations around a direct sentence from a source and uses it as his own sentence, directly copies and pastes, or writes something word-for-word that a friend or family member said and uses it as his own, all of these are acts of plagiarizing and should be punished accordingly. For the first offense, I think that the teacher should make the student re-write the essay, and take at least one letter grade off to begin with. For any further offenses, the student should receive a zero for the assignment, with no exceptions.


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