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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Sex in advertising & the media Question: Through numerous TV, radio, and print advertisements, individuals are reminded on a daily basis that “sex sells”. For example, an advertisement by the Italian coffee company ,Lavazza, features a woman and a man in intimate positions and surrounded by a sea of coffee beans . How far is too far when it comes to sexual ideals in advertising?


Coffee Ad


For as long as ideas have been a fundamental aspect of human cultural society, (that is, always) experiencing them has been inextricably intertwined with enjoying them.  For this reason, many people seem to claim ideas as their own.  It has become an evolutionary concept that is fascinating.  However, while fascinating, it is also internally perceived as wrong.  It has to do with the feelings that a person feels when an original idea is taken from him or her.  So, since literally forever it has been perceived as wrong to commit an act that is now called plagiarism.  Frankly, since ideas are fairly commonplace, plagiarism happens regularly without any knowledge of having done it.  But if it is known that a person has plagiarized, I believe that they should be spoken with, and on a college campus, they might earn no points for that assignment, at most.  As everyone else has said, either knowingly or not, everyone has cheated at some point.  Why condemn a person for acting as he or she is: a person?  With that said, yes it should be moderated.  Instincts exist, but that does not an excuse make.  But simply speaking to them as I said before should be simple enough to understand what has to be done, if anything.